By purchasing your ticket, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, which are: 

1. You will not sell mass produced and/or factory produced goods, counterfeit, pirated or copied goods or food products. 

2. Stallholder obligations – A stallholder must:  

  • Stay for the full duration of the market.  
  • Not pack ups/depart prior to end of the market.
  • Arrive during their agreed ‘window of arrival’ time.  
  • Abide by the ‘one vehicle per stall’ policy (number 4)  
  • Obey the directions of market traffic marshals when entering, driving within and exiting the market site. 
  • Abide by 5km limit while driving on site. 
  • Give way to pedestrians and oncoming traffic on Rose St when entering and leaving the market. 
  • Clean up after themselves and dispose of rubbish responsibly and not dump any items at the end of the day. 
  • Notify management via email if changing the product you sell.

3. Sharing stalls between multiple people – you can share a stall, provided each stall abides by the ‘one vehicle per stall’ policy. 

4. Arrival & Departure policy – Stallholders MUST arrive during their nominated 30 minute ‘window of arrival’ time, which will be communicated to stallholders as part of their booking confirmation and preparation email two days before the market. All stall holders are expected to comply with pack down and set up procedures. Please have patience and don’t cause traffic jams during set up and packed down as there are many cars and people to get on and offsite.  

    • When arriving obey direction of the marshal  
    • Load and offload your car in a way in a way that does not block other cars from getting in and out of the site. Pull into your stall space to unload and pack up.  
    • You are expected to offload your car at start of the day then park your car immediately. Don’t spend time organising or merchandising before your car is parked upstairs. 
    • You are expected to pack down your stuff before getting your car from upstairs and park at your stall to load. 

    5. Dogs are permitted ONLY if well controlled and on a leash and pick up any mess made by the dog. 

    6. Safety Information – All stallholders must abide by the following safety regulations: Vehicles are only permitted to move within the site prior to the arrival of and following the departure of all patrons. Vehicle marshals will direct all vehicle movement. Vehicles must travel at walking pace while on site. Stallholders must keep all goods and equipment within the boundaries of their stall so that there are clearly defined walkways through the market All electrical items, including appliances and leads, must be tested and tagged with a current tag. 

    7. Refund policy – We will allow a full refund of your ticket up to 3 days before the market date, within 3 days you will forfeit your payment if we can’t fill your stall. You may also transfer your stall to another available market up to 3 days before the market date and are able to transfer a max of 2 times. Requests for date changes must be made via email. 

    8. Transferring your stall to a friend. On selling a stall must be approved by management. If you can’t attend and want to forward your stall to a friend, you must notify us and ensure they are aware of our terms and conditions and let us know their name and email address by email. You must sell a stall for the same cost as you purchased it. 

    9. When hiring our equipment; you are expected to look after it well and are responsible for any damage caused and return it to the storage area by 45 minutes after the close of the market. 

    10. Stall holder Liability – the market has Public Liability insurance that covers us for any injury that we may have caused or damage to the property. However, if you personally cause any damage to property or another stall holder’s property you are liable for that. So, make sure and clothes racks or tables are secure and that you are mindful when moving your vehicle around the site. 

    11. Wet Weather Policy – The market is never cancelled ahead of time and will always go ahead in principle. As per our refund policy, there are no refunds in the case of wet weather. Stallholders are welcome to apply for a date change up to 3 days prior should they be concerned about the forecast. In the event of ongoing and extreme weather the market may be shut down. A decision is made on the day, at the market, and in consultation with stallholders, when we can all see what the weather is on the day. 

    12. If you are a regular stall holder you are required to book in by the Wednesday before each market and notify the Fitzroy Market team via email if you will be away by the Wednesday each week. Your stall can be forfeited if this does not happen. 

    13. Conditions of Entry to the Market – Management reserves the right to ask patrons or stallholders to leave the premises if behaving in an offensive or anti-social manner, or thieving from stall holders. 

    14. All stall holders are expected to treat our team and other stall holders with respect and courtesy and work together to make sure the market is a good experience for other stall holders, patrons, and the market team. A refund for future stalls will be given and stalls forfeited if there is poor treatment, harassment or rudeness towards our team, patrons and other stall holders and not abiding with our terms and conditions. 

    15. If you have any complaints about other stall holders or our processes please contact us at [email protected] so that we can address it effectively. 

    16. We reserve the right to ask any stall holder to leave if found to be non-compliant to any of the terms and conditions. 



      **Please contact us directly at [email protected]


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