How Much is a stall?

$60 + booking fee per stall (you can also hire tables for $12 and Coat Racks for $6).

What are my Stall options?

You have four options:

Standard Stalls, Overflow Stalls and Standard Car Boot Stalls: measure 3 x 3 metres, and entitle you to 1 x separate parking space in the School’s onsite carpark. You’ll need to plan for a 30 – 60 metre walk from your car to your standard stall though, as we don’t have the space for people drive into and unload at these stalls.

Carboot Stalls: allow a generous 6.7 x 2.8 metres for both your stall and your vehicle. Please note that you MUST park your vehicle at your stall, and no trailers are allowed and 1 car per stall on site.

Trestle & Coat Racks: are available for pre-paid hire (or you can BYO). Trestles cost $12, coat racks $6. Orders are placed via your application form.\

On the day!

1. Check your arrival time before heading to the market: Our Council permit does not allow stallholders to be on site until 9am and note that we allocate stalls on the day. The market enforces a strict one car per stall policy (again, it’s a condition of our Council permit). Please don’t park an additional car offsite! We do reserve the right to refuse entry or eject stall holders who are found to have parked an additional vehicle off-site.

  • Car Boot Stall (Your car will be with you at the market on Napier st) – Between 9:00am and 9:20am
  • Standard Stall & Overflow Stall – Between 9:00am and 9:20am
  • Standard Car Boot Stall – 9:20am Onwards

2. Parking For Standard Stall, Overflow Stall & Standard Car Boot Stall: Your parking will be on the George Street side of the school.  We don’t have the space for you to unload at your stall. Your car will be parked roughly 60 – 70 metres from your stall so you need to plan for this, ie: bring a trolley or an extra set of hands.

3. Preparing for the market Remember if you are in car boot area you will not have any cover so you are more than welcome to bring umbrella’s or marquees (3×3 only!), the Standard Stall section is 98% undercover or inside. Bring your own chairs if needed – we do not supply them and don’t forget to bring drinking water and sunscreen if appropriate!

4. Coat racks and tables They will be available from 9:10am down at the shed. Please do not help yourself to them we need to mark you off the list.

5. Selling your stuff Don’t sell your stuff too cheaply, you can always drop your prices but you can’t put them up. If you sell everything for $1 you have to sell 60 items just to make back your stall money so think that through.

6. LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT YOU ARE COMING! Promote your stall through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email or whatever. By promoting your stall you can imagine how much business you could drum up!

Stay in touch with us:




Twitter: @FitzroyMarket

What kind of products are we looking for?

Handmade, pre-loved, vintage & recycled clothing, craft, artwork and jewellery, secondhand books, CDs, records & household stuff plants, seeds & seedlings, food and drinks (but please note that we can only accept food traders who are certified food handlers and are registered – or are willing to register – with Yarra City Council).

Advice to stall holders

  1. Second Hand clothes sell well, however, we get a lot of stall holders wanting to sell clothes.  As a result, we will preference people that are either selling other things as well (eg household goods, books, vinyl, cameras, CD’s – anything that is interesting and second hand).
  2. We do like to see hand made goods at The Fitzroy Market, however, as you will be selling near people that are selling second hand goods it is advisable that you try to sell smaller and less expensive items priced no higher than $50.
  3. Don’t sell your good TOO cheaply! If you sell everything for $1 you will have to make a lot of sales to make back your stall hire fee and make a profit.
  4. If you are looking for insurance, we can recommend Net Insure or My Market Insurance as a competitive option. We do not require insurance for our general stall holders at the market.